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Anywhere, Anytime Safety Assured, Your Shield in a Single Call!

Effortlessly send crucial voice messages to your nearest and dearest during times of distress. Feel confident that your message will promptly reach them, granting you a comforting sense of relief and the support you need.

The hardest thing about seeking assistance in challenging circumstances is made easy with 833My1call

Our software is a fast and intuitive way of sending instant communication to your loved ones from any device in the world in case you find yourself in an urgent situation.

Why We're the Ideal Choice

Assurance video

For Them

Provide your family and close friends with the invaluable gift of reassurance, knowing that you are secure and protected no matter where you may be.

Assurance video

For You

Experience the tranquility of knowing that in any unforeseen event, your family and close friends can effortlessly locate you and come to your aid.

Ready for a change? We can help.

Put an end to worrying and take action now. Begin utilizing our service today and experience a profound sense of security, knowing that someone is there to support you wherever you go.

Step 1

Create an account

Create an account and add your expected emergency contacts

Step 2

Record a message

Record a voice message

Step 3

Enjoy the assurance

In case of any urgent situation a recorded voice message will be sent to all your contacts at the same time to assist you in your time of need

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